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Our luxurious office is conveniently located just minutes from I95 at 7000 W Palmetto Park Rd

SerpHaus SEO is a Search Engine Optimization Company based in Boca Raton, Florida. Our SEO strategy surpasses that of our competition by continuously achieving the “coveted first page ranking” for all of our clients. We’re no quick-fix SEO company, we are the long-term solution!

When building a strategic plan for our clients we know how important it is to know the industry, target market, optimal search terms and current trends. We are committed to study your industry as well as your clients in order to create an action plan that continuously shapes the authority and relevance of your business. This is achieved through strategic link-building, content marketing, calculated keyword placement and saturation, and so much more.

Launched from necessity, SerpHaus SEO strategies were created to assist in keeping our booming student loan services business at the top of the search engines. Once competitors began to spring up the pressure was on, and we had to stay ahead of the competition if we were to remain successful.

Through tireless research and study our determination paid off, our student loan services business not only achieved the coveted first page ranking but the highly sought-after #1 position outranking even the U.S. government! During this process we realized that our talent and passion for SEO, social media and content marketing was unsurpassed and SerpHaus SEO was born.

SerpHaus SEO is quickly becoming the source for SEO, social media and content marketing throughout Boca Raton, Florida and for businesses all across the U.S.

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