An overview of Delray Beach


Delray Beach is located in Palm Beach County in Florida. The city’s population is about 60,522 and is considered to be a part of the Miami Metro area.

Delray Beach is situated on the Atlantic Ocean, just north of Boca Raton. It is also surrounded by Highland Beach and Boynton Beach.

Delray Beach has a rich culture and exciting nightlife. Downtown Delray is bustling with bars, restaurants, art galleries, and boutiques. The heart of Delray lies on Atlantic Avenue, where by day residents and visitors alike can be seen on the water, beaches, and even enjoying the beautiful weather at outdoor cafes. By night, Atlantic Avenue lights up and becomes full of music and the unique bars are packed with life.

The weather is Delray is just shy of a tropical rain forest climate because of its minimal rain. The sun is almost always in the sky and the temperatures climb up to the high 80’s in the summer, and only go as low as the 60’s in the middle of the winter. A brief, passing shower only serves as a way to cool off before the sun takes back its rightful place high in the sky.

Delray Beach is a favorite destination for sports, especially water sports and tennis. The International Tennis Championships is held in Delray each year in the Delray Tennis Center. Delray has a number of tennis courts, both hard and clay, and hold many tournaments throughout the year. For avid tennis players who compete, or those who enjoy it as a hobby, Delray is a popular destination. Delray was nominated by the United States Tennis Association as one of the top tennis towns in the country. As a results, the city’s name was changed to Tennis Beach for a week to honor the award.

Delray has 2 miles of public beach access that is used for swimming and various water sports. When residents aren’t on the water, they enjoy the restaurants, art galleries, nightclubs, and shops. The Downtown Arts District was established in 2009 and serves as the city’s hub for art, performance, and music.

The economy is Delray has been continuously growing since 2003, which has led to the news construction of apartments and homes, as well as mixed use buildings. Delray also has a high employment rate, with the Delray Medical Center providing more than 1,500 jobs to residents.

Delray also houses historic landmarks such as The Colony Hotel, Old School Square, Delray Tennis Center, and La France Hotel.

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