Will Google penalize you for this?


Is your website mobile-friendly?

We’re getting this out a few days late, but have you gotten the newest Google announcement?

After long phases of analysis, Google has finally established that it will, in fact, favor mobile-friendly search results

You can see their update here:

Google Webmaster Central – Blog Post 

Now, don’t get too happy.

Actually, mobile-friendliness has been a rather important ranking signal for quite some time…

In fact, many people have been talking about it for close to two years now

But here’s our forecast:

Shortly, it will become a considerable factor. And websites lacking mobile responsiveness will essentially be penalized in the rankings

Google’s objectives have been very clear up to this point…

Yes, they’re giving us time to adjust, but eventually, sites that are not responsive (mobile friendly) are going to get left behind

Not trying to scare you, just want you to be prepared!

It doesn’t take very much effort to turn any site into a mobile-friendly site

In fact, most WordPress themes are already responsive

But now might be a great time to check if your sites are safe…

You can run a mobile-friendly here at Mobile-Friendly Webmaster Test

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