Boca Raton, an overview


Boca RatonBoca Raton is a popular city in Palm Beach County, Florida. The city was incorporated in 1925 and is located 43 miles (69 kilometers) north of downtown Miami. Boca Raton measures 29.1 square miles or 75.4 km. According to the latest statistics by the United States Census Bureau, there are approximately 89,000 people living in Boca Raton. The city is unique for many reasons the most notable being its history and attractions. Boca Raton has numerous attractions that appeal to a significant share of the 60 million tourists who visit Florida yearly. Some of the most notable Boca Raton attractions are the magnificent beaches, luxurious resorts and restaurants as well as numerous local sites such as museums and parks. Below is a more in-depth discussion of Boca Raton’s top attractions.


Boca Raton is popular for having magnificent beaches stretching over five miles. This pristine beach area is isolated, serene and well-protected. Boca Raton beaches also offer unmatched recreational activities to millions of tourists who flock to the city each and every year to enjoy the white sandy beaches and sand dunes with plenty of sea grapes and sea oats. Three city parks namely; Red Reef, Spanish River and South Beach are connected to Boca Raton’s miles of beaches providing unmatched fun and luxurious amenities such as playgrounds and nature centers.  Some of the popular beaches in close proximity to Boca Raton include; Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach.

Local Sites 

Boca Raton also has many local attractions. For instance, Boca Raton is home to the popular Wick Theatre and Costume Museum. There also many parks the most notable being the South Inlet Park and The Red Reef Park which are packed with fun-filled activities such as snorkeling, swimming and nature centers. Many visitors flock to Boca Raton just to see the living reef which is easily accessible without having to rent a boat. Boca Raton is also home to several museums spanning from the children’s museum to the history, art, science and specialty museums. The most popular museums include; the Boca Raton Historical Society and Museum, Sports Immortals Museum and The Children’s Museum of Boca Raton.

Restaurants and Resorts

Boca Raton also has many outstanding restaurants and resorts which attract plenty of tourists. One such resort is the Boca Raton Resort and Club. The resort has a myriad of memorable restaurants, resorts and bars. The club’s restaurants, resorts and bars are available exclusively to premier members and guests. From fine dining and luxurious accommodation to cocktail parties and formal events, the Boca Raton Resort and Club offers plenty of options coupled with unsurpassed luxury and service. There are many luxurious restaurants and resorts in Boca Raton and they include the Boca Beach Club, Waterstone Resort & Marina and numerous others including restaurants such as; The Blue, the Lucca, the Palm Court and the Serendipity, just to mention a few.


As you can see from the above information, it’s quite clear as to why Boca Raton stands out as a popular city in Florida. It is however important to note that there is more to Boca Raton then attractions, beaches and resorts. Utilize the above information as a basis or guide for further research into Boca Raton its Beaches Events Restaurants and Resorts.

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