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There’s Social Media AND THEN there’s SerpHaus Social Media

Social media is irrefutably the key to the success of any business or service right now. It’s inexpensive, and it’s what people are responsive to today.

In the last few months Instagram has grown by 50% to reach 300,000,000 users and is now far superior to Twitter. The number of daily Facebook users in the U.S. has reached a high of 128,000,000. That is 40% of the entire U.S. population. Talk about ROI, in 2014 luxury car manufacturers had an average return of $17.80 for every $1 they committed to marketing on Twitter.

Social media is without doubt, a marketing treasure-trove for businesses. So why is it that so many businesses have yet to take advantage of social media? It is not that they don’t know the basics; most will have a Facebook or Twitter page and use it occasionally, but interaction on these pages is dismally low and the business does not benefit at all.

A Lack of Understanding

If you were to ask most business owners why their social media marketing strategy is lacking, the most common answers would include;

  • It takes too much time, effort and resources to create and execute a social media marketing strategy.
  • It is really hard to create a loyal community on social media. Only an expert can do it.
  • We don’t need social media. After all, we have a business website and it has worked out so far.

These answers convey one fact, that there is a deep lack of understanding on how to use social media for successful brand marketing. As a business owner you probably know that you need to have an active Facebook or Google Plus page but have no idea where to begin.

Social Media Marketing ServicesHow can SerpHaus help you with Social Media?

As a business owner with a great deal on your plate your social media campaign can easily get lost in the shuffle. A  Steady, relevant posting is vital if you want your social media campaign to reach its full potential. Any business owner seeking attention from consumers and from the internet must have a dominant social presence, or they face being left out and dominated by those with a stronger presence in social networking. Our team knows exactly how to track current trends, to reach the followers, and get your business or service out there so that you can build a concrete social presence online.

Social media is an extremely important facet of modern marketing. Without it, you are greatly lowering your sales and brand exposure potential. This is why we are here to give you a helping hand. Our services are geared towards helping your business continually grow through proper and effective usage of social media.

If you are not sure that you need us, answer the following questions. If you answer yes to several of the questions you need to contact us today.

  1. Is your business completely lacking in social media marketing?
  2. Have your sales gone down lately because your competition (who is active on social media) is scooping up all the customers?
  3. Have you had a hard time targeting your prospective customers online because most are on social media and you don’t know how to reach them?
  4. Do you have only one or two social media platforms that you rarely use?
  5. Do you think that social media would be truly valuable to your business?

What You Will Get From Us?

A better understanding of how social media marketing works and most importantly, the potential it holds for your brand. In addition we will assist you in creating an effective, comprehensive and action-oriented social media marketing plan. But it does not end there; we will also help you execute it and constantly monitor its effectiveness.

You can expect increased customer interaction, more brand exposure, improved customer feedback and in the end, an increase in sales. The best thing about it all is that we will do all of the work, leaving you to focus on serving your customers. Call us today and we will arrange a free no-obligation telephone consultation.