Knowing Your Target Audience

knowing-your-target-audienceWhen interacting with your customers, it’s important to understand your audience. What are their wants? Their needs? Their likes and dislikes? It’s crucial to know your target audience when marketing and advertising.

There are a few key factors you’ll want to learn about your audience before engaging with them. The first one is basic; where is your targeted audience located? Before promoting a cool new restaurant in New York, you’ll want to be sure you have an audience there. If most of your followers reside in Florida, they will most likely not be interested in a restaurant in New York.

You’ll also want to learn their age and gender. Both of these play a huge part in what they consume and the way they do it. Do you have a teenager looking for a new music spot to hang out? Do you have a mother looking for a family friendly restaurant? These are important distinctions to make.

Marital status is a good fact to know as well. This can make a difference in where the customer wants to spend their down time, the places they shop and the websites they frequent regularly. It can be the difference between promoting a vivid singles scene or a romantic bistro.

Income is an important factor to consider. Does your customer have the means for an extravagant jewelry purchase, or are they looking for a few fashionable and affordable pieces? Do they want to dine at a French restaurant offering a 7 course meal, or are they looking for an all you can eat buffet?

Once establishing the demographic, you’ll want to learn about their specific interests and needs, the psychographic information. What are their hobbies? What about their values and lifestyles? Both types of information about your audience is important. You don’t want to just know what they do, you want to know why they do it to better target their behaviors so you can successfully engage them.

After you identify your audience, you should know where they spend most of their time. Do they check their email 10 times a day? Do they keep their Facebook page open and frequently check it throughout their night? Do they pour over magazines? Once you learn this you’ll not only know what they want to see, you’ll know what outlets to display to ensure it reaches your audience.

The best way to collect all of this information is to simply ask. Conduct surveys, polls, and ask questions. Consumers are quick to tell you what they are interested in and what they need from you as a brand or company. Ask if they would like to participate in a focus group. Get to know them past a superficial level in order to guarantee maximum consumption and a successful consumer/brand relationship.

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