Google replaces URL with site name in search engine results

Google is constantly making updates and changes that enhance the search engine experience for users and help increase websites’ credibility and SEO.

After a lot of testing, Google has begun rolling out a new update that will replace the URL in search engine results with the name of the website as opposed to the domain now.

Right now, this update is only seen on mobile, but chances are it will spread to all search engine results.

search engine results

In addition to the name change, they are leaving a breadcrumb like trail to better fit the search performed. For example, if you are searching “history of michael kors,” your results will appear like this: Michael Kors > About us > History, as opposed to the URL target.

Right now these changes are only reflected on mobile searches in the United States, but the “breadcrumb trails” have begun rolling out across the globe. As far as desktop search results go, they have remained untouched; for now.

Google has also provided information for developers that can help them utilize this new update more efficiently. They have given instructions on how to use schema in order to better communicate this breadcrumb data, which will be used in the search engine results and help drive more traffic.

Google Developers pages include the code and information needed to make the necessary updates to your website. But using the code, you can better communicate to Google what names and labels should be used in order to properly display the new search engine results featuring site name and breadcrumb trails. Make sure your name provided is the natural way your name would be said and that any information you provide Google with your site code is 100% unique. Google also warns that any information provided shouldn’t be misleading in any way, and be a completely accurate description of your website.

Google also explains how to create the breadcrumb trail and how to communicate the proper hierarchy that should be used in search engine results.