We Are a Mobile First World

If you have a business, and your business has a website (which I hope it does!) then you probably also have a mobile site. If you don’t it might be time to look into it.

The Mobile Apocalypse – Mobile-Friendly or Else!

Over 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices as opposed to desktops. You probably experience this personally too, usually surfing the web and visiting your favorite apps right from your phone while lounging on the couch or sitting on the bus on the way to and from work. In this sort of mobile-first world, it’s important that your business translates to mobile whether it be an app, a mobile site, or a responsive web design.

Mobile SiteIt’s important to have a functioning site that is easily translated to a mobile device. Google did some research and concluded that 61% of users won’t bother returning to a website if they have a bad mobile experience. This can be pages not loading properly, lagging, and size of website versus the user’s screen.

Just as important as having a fluid mobile site for your business, is the marketing on said mobile site. The mobile-first world we live in has allowed companies to reach their targeted audience in a new way. This way, they have the potential to reach even more consumers, not matter where they are and whatever device they are tuning in from.

How can you make sure that your website translates to your consumers when they need a product or service? Make sure your company has the latest software.

Mobile isn’t a fad that you’re going to invest in and then forget about a year later.

We as businesses need to adjust to the new technology around us in order to reach our customers in the best and easiest way possible for them. New software has the ability to use predictive decisioning and algorithms to analyze data being collected and give the user the most relevant experience.

Collect data on the user’s habits in order to adjust marketing to what they want and need in the fast paced capacity in which they demand it. This can also aid in marketing on mobile devices, by recognizing the moments when users look for data, giving the marketer the opportunity to target the user appropriately.

New software will also be able to collect reporting that tells us more about the customer’s journey to our website and how they interact with us, giving us more insight for the future as we build our mobile presence to take advantage of the mobile-first world we are living in.