WordPress, an impressive tool for your business

If you haven’t heard of WordPress, you could be missing out on an impressive tool for your business. Simply put, WordPress is the most popular blogging website available and accounts for almost 30% of the top websites currently in existence. If you have heard of WordPress, right now you might be thinking, “Hey, isn’t WordPress just for blogs?” No! It’s easy to use, and is one of the most well-known content management systems (CMS). Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, news outlets, and blogs are all using WordPress and seeing great success.

WordPress LogoWordPress includes a template system that allows users to interchange their website appearance. This can range from the beginner using a previously installed template to an advanced developer coding their own design using HTML and CSS. WordPress is extremely versatile.

WordPress boasts a large selection of optional plug-ins for your website, over 30,000 to be exact. These plug-ins range from Google Analytics, to a commenting platform, to widgets to collect customer information, to social media widgets, and beyond. WordPress takes the guesswork out of building a website. Instead of frantically searching the web trying to figure out what your website needs to run smoothly, you have options displayed in front of your eyes that will guide you while creating your site.

Along with customizable capabilities on a desktop, WordPress includes mobile applications that allow you, the business and developer, to make certain edits and maintain your website while on the go, something most CMS services don’t provide.

If choosing to use WordPress to build your site, you are provided with a streamlined way to incorporate SEO keywords, categorize your content, and format your posts.

Although it is more user friendly, WordPress reads like other CMS’s out there. You have the ability to customize it, you can add content including videos and photos, and you can engage with your customers. Most content management systems require hours of training and even after that, are still complicated and tricky to use.

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