Google Literally Wants Every Business on the Map

GoogleMapsClaiming your Boca Raton business’s online search engine listing is an important tool to expand your brand. Customers are two times more likely to consider doing business with a company who has a robust and complete local online listing.

A local online business listing is an important tool for your company, just as important as marketing, content, and advertising. Online listings provide information customers are looking for in search engines, and are usually free of charge when filing a basic listing.

Regrettably, many businesses don’t take advantage of this simple marketing tool that can easily drive traffic to your site and increase revenue. In fact, less than 40% of businesses have an online listing for their company.

In 2011, Google launched “Get Your Business Online” in order to encourage companies to claim or create their online listings. Google employees have traveled across the United States leading workshops and information sessions to help companies create their own websites and online listings, including Google Maps.

According to Google, some businesses are still left in the dark when it comes to creating an online listing. To remedy this ongoing problem, this week Google introduced a new program called “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map.” The goal of this new initiative is to help companies and brands in over 30,000 cities across the U.S. to increase their online presence, specifically in the form of online business listings.

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