How does Google Rank Pages and Why SEO matters?

SERPsAre you wondering what the latest ranking algorithms are towards 2018 and whether or not SEO matters anymore? Well, you are not alone. you are just like the millions of business administrators who are benefiting from the increasing profits thanks to an SEO expert and simply want some reassurance that you are paying for a relevant service that actually works and will continue to be effective as a digital marketing tool in the coming months and years. As you may be well aware, the rules of good SEO practices that actually work to benefit your website are constantly evolving. Here, we take a look at how far Google has come in ranking sites for SERPs (search engine result pages) and what continues to matter.

How Search engine continue to rank for SERPs

We have surely come a long way from the days of keyword stuffing which is now archaic and obsolete. If anything, such practices will harm your website. Here are some aspects of a good website that search engine bots are still looking for to rank you at the top.

  • Internal and external link structure
  • Up to date information
  • Retention
  • Good quality content with organic keywords
  • Indexed age

While some “experts” continue to claim that they have leakage on the latest Google’s ranking algorithms, is it a bet you are willing to place odds on? The invisible hand continues to punish those who take the shortest route to the top.

Continuously evolving SEO ranking bots

Google uploads over four hundred updates to their algorithms every year. All their efforts are geared towards providing the best search results relevant to the user. It is no wonder that stuffing the articles with keywords no longer works. It once was a useful technique but not anymore. SEO is a process, not a miracle. You need to have a grand plan and a course of action for steady growth and not take shortcuts, or the whole thing will fall apart eventually.

Why SEO is still king

Some claim that local SEO has gone the way of the dinosaur and the dodos. Surely this could not be further from reality, Google and other search engines actually have nothing against good SEO experts. In fact, they approve the newly evolved techniques that improve the quality of results that the user is able to get from your website.

Going against the trend

They say only dead fish swim in the direction of the current. So, while the trend with most firms and marketers is to use Facebook and Google ads to target their customers, if you double up your efforts with high quality on-site off-page SEO, it will surely pay off in a big way. It may take some time but it will be worth every penny and resources you commit to the entire process and what’s more, the results are more sustainable.

Don’t waste your money on blind and ineffective ads that expire sooner or later leaving your website invisible. Hire the best SEO expert near you today!