The Complexity of Search Engine Optimization

search-engine-optimizationIf you have a website for your business you undoubtedly are familiar with search engine optimization. You’ve incorporated keywords into your website and have done everything you can to ensure your website is optimized for maximum traffic and revenue. Search engine optimization isn’t a simple task though, and is only growing to be more complex. In order to stay relevant, you and your business have to keep up.

There are some techniques of search engine optimization that no longer work efficiently.

Tactics such as keyword stuffing content, site-wide footer text, embedding links in widgets, mass directory listings, and comment spam are no longer yielding the desired results. If you’re reading this and slowly realizing these make up most of your SEO strategy, then it might be time to make some changes. A couple of these won’t kill your website as long as you’re contently focused on other areas of search engine optimization and those areas are strong, but if you’re starting to panic because these are your “best” SEO tools, then you could be setting your website up for disaster. With new updates to search engines, old search engine optimization tactics are no longer effective. You need to progress with every update that is thrown your way.

There are certain things search engines now look for in order to provide maximum optimization. These are the things you need to keep in mind when updating your search engine optimization strategy.

Google themselves have recently stated that site speed and load time is taken into consideration in search engine rankings. If your site lags and bogs down web pages, it might be time to fix it. After all, who wants to visit a website that they can’t efficiently navigate?

SEO is a lot about branding and marketing. The two tactics go hand in hand. Building your brand is important, and search engine optimization is a big part of that. Think of it this way; instead of writing a lackluster piece of content that just sits on your website about your great tattoo parlor, get to a tattoo convention, try to get yourself on the news as a tattoo expert, and watch how much of a difference that makes in terms of SEO.

Speaking of content, you better make sure it’s quality. In the past, you might have been able to get away with lower than average articles with a heavy use of keywords, but not anymore. Search engines are catching on, and now those types of filler content can push your website down in the rankings.

Social media is now a huge part of search engine optimization. Instead of being separate entities, they are very much intertwined. Gaining a cult following on social media with the use of well-crafted hashtags that match your keywords, you can experience traffic like never before.

Overall, you don’t just want a site with keywords that might push you up in search engine rankings. You want good, quality contact to attract the right consumer who will continue to come back, and search engines will reward you for this with even higher rankings.