Local Search Ranking Factors 2017

serphaus_local_search_ranking_factors_2017Every business owner searching for local SEO services for his/her business realizes the importance of local SEO ranking. To achieve a high local SEO ranking, business owners must have a clear idea about the current ranking factors. If that is what you are looking for here, then you are in luck. In this article, you will find the results of the recently released Local Search Ranking Factors survey. We will analyze the results of the study and discuss what it implies for Boca Raton local SEO providers.

Background of the Survey

The Local Search Ranking Factors survey is the result of painstaking research conducted by David Mihm to reverse-engineer the Google algorithm for local services. He began the study almost a decade ago and eventually, it grew into a handbook for aspiring business owners to discover the relevant factors important for local SEO services ranking. He entrusted the duty to Darren Shaw this year, and the following is what he found out.

Results of the 2017 survey

Darren Shaw interviewed countless local SEO experts their opinion on what they think is the most important ranking factor. It seems that quality links and reviews are the most important Local SEO services ranking this year. According to Shaw, citations are still important but less so than in the previous years. He believes that business owners should focus more on content quality instead of content quantity.

The Possum update from Google shook up some of the existing structure used by local SEO providers. After going through the survey results by local packs and localized organic search results.

Local Pack or Finder Ranking Factors

According to the experts interviewed, the proximity of the business to the location of the firm is the most crucial ranking factor regarding local pack ranking. Additionally, the physical location of the enterprise in the city where the search is being done is also important. Another vital element in the Boca Raton local SEO ranking is the presence of the keyword in the name of the business. Furthermore, the business should be categorized in the right category.

Link signals such as inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, linking domain quantity, etc. are also necessary to make your business rank higher in local SEO searches. In fact, these were considered the most important by 17% of the participants.

14% of the participants mentioned the importance of the on-page characteristics as the most important factor regarding local SEO ranking. These include the presence of NAPs, using keywords in the title, domain authority, etc.

Localized Organic Ranking Factors

An overwhelming 29% of participants mentioned the importance of the link signals as the greatest. Inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, linking domain quantity are important ranking factors for Boca Raton local SEO and others throughout the world. The next ranking factor deemed most necessary by local SEO experts is the on-page signals. 24% of participants of the survey mentioned the importance of keywords in titles, domain authority, the presence of NAP, and other on-page criteria as the deciding factor in local SEO services rankings. The next group of experts, who considered visitor behavior such as click through rates, mobile clicks to call, check-ins, etc. to be vital for the ranking position, comprised 11% of the survey population.

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