Top 5 SEO Trends Dominating 2015

SEO Trends 2015

SEO is always changing and as every year turns, new trends and techniques come in and keep going all through. The year 2014 had several SEO trends that helped many websites turn the tables and make huge revenues; however, there are SEO trends dominating 2015 already and some of those that dominated 2014 are still carrying on, while others are part of history.

There are already a number of trends doing this rounds this year despite the fact that the year just began a few months ago. In order to keep your website visible, you need to have a good combination of the top SEO techniques that are dominating the current market. Here is a list of the top 5 SEO trends dominating 2015.

1) Responsive websites

Many websites have realized that creating a responsive website – one that fits and functions perfectly on any device, regardless of the size – is no longer an option; it is an obligation, especially in the current dynamic SEO world. Having a mobile-friendly website is almost headed towards becoming a ranking factor on major search engines. Despite dominating the larger part of 2014, having responsive websites is still one of the top SEO trends dominating 2015.

2) Faster responding websites

It has again grown to become a necessity for businesses to create fast responding websites. In fact, Google will soon be implementing a test system where they will determine how fast the website will respond. It will follow this with a label of “Slow” on those websites that have a slow response speed. The direct implication of this is that traffic will reduce since users will obviously avoid visiting such websites. Many internet users visit websites when on the go and you don’t want your website to be very slow when a user needs something on the go. This is why having faster-responding websites has made it to this list of SEO trends in 2015.

3) More long-tail keywords

Typically, long-tail keywords have very little competition and they are also very easy to rank for as opposed to the short keywords. Even though these terms may otherwise represent a lower monthly traffic, they will represent an opportunity to direct traffic of the highest quality since the visitor will probably buy your service or product. If you didn’t know, a quality visitor is more worth than other visitors and it is no wonder using long-tail keywords has grown to become one of the major SEO trends dominating 2015.

4) Going local

Local shopping has turned to become a very important part of consumers and as such, Google is turning more of its attention in this direction. Today, people rarely use the Yellow Pages and instead, they use search engines. This means that a website that is optimized locally will have a higher ranking in the results than a general website. This is one trend that is already happening and it will keep doing so as more and more consumers tend to favor local shopping. In essence, this is one of the current SEO trends dominating 2015 that will carry on beyond 2015.

5) Quality content is still key

Content is a very important part of SEO. However, having quality content is the last of the top 5 trends dominating 2015. Businesses no longer just depend on content, but they are aware that it is only quality content that will attract more readers to a website.